Our Philosophy

PACAP, a committed French brand of ethnic clothing based in Aubagne, has chosen to visit the workshops in India twice a year for several reasons.

To ensure that labor laws are not violated and that trade is not synonymous with exploitation.

To sensitize our artisan partners to environmentally friendly production methods and optimal conditions.

A bonus at the end of the year is paid to the families.

Our goals are also to offer consumers original products made by local craftsmen and craftswomen on the spot.

We prioritize the adjustment of prices in order to maintain a correct salary for the craftsmen are programmed annually to avoid the precarious work of our artisans.

All the ethnic and chic clothes resold by PACAP arrive in France without any intermediary!

We prioritize the sectors with a minimum order to avoid duplicates at your points of sale.

All sales made by our brand's retailers are guaranteed. We provide after-sales service. If you encounter a problem after your purchase, whether in a market or in a store, you can contact us by email or by phone. We will redirect you to other points of resale that will be close to you. If this is not the case our offices will find with you the best solution to satisfy you.

99% of customers who have bought PACAP are satisfied with their purchases and often come back with us.

Where are we located?

We are in Aubagne en Provence (13400) France, commune of Peace, and more precisely on the paths of Pagnol.

How was the brand born?

After a nice game of euphoric pétanque with friends, the real potos, sipping the local pastaga, under a Provençal Pine tree and lulled by the song of the cicadas, we took up the challenge of creating a line of clothes with patterns "that you don't see elsewhere" and chose the name of the brand PACAP, from the P.A.C.A region !

It is from there, in the P.A.C.A region, that the name was born : PACAP brand.

In 1991, for my first big trip, which lasted a year, I decided to set off to discover India.

Falling in love with this country continent, I often went back there in order to better immerse myself in its cultures, discover some of its mysteries and appreciate its incredible artistic richness.

More than ten years ago, my teenage son and I decided to go on a trip. We roll the dice on a world map that takes us... to India! Once again, an extraordinary journey, made of beautiful encounters and memories that made our eyes shine.

As time went by and we travelled, a family of tailors from Rajasthan became my second family, and I found myself selling our creation on the markets of France: THE REVERSIBLE SIZED PACAP SKIRT was born. The quality and originality of the fabrics, the workmanship and finishes, and the fact that the models are mainly unique pieces, have enabled PACAP to become the essential reference for this type of textile product.


Many of you have followed us since the beginning of the adventure, on the markets, on Facebook, and asked us to open an online shop: thank you very much. As for me, Bruno, director and creator of the brand, I would like to warmly thank all those who, thanks to you, the brand has become what it is today: Emmanuelle, my assistant, Guillaume, our Normandy developer and as stubborn as I am, Thomas, my redhead, who created the logo, Séb, my toad, graphic designer and main competitor of the redhead, Pierre, who answers at 3am, Manue and Cat, my sisters from Ardèche, Céline, more than my sister, to see my clone, Aïda my young foal, Norbert my 3rd arm when he's in shape, Nathalie there I won't say anything otherwise I'll be scolded, Loulou my mother for her hours and admiration like the second Loulou our king of the praline who passed on the newspaper by selling the brand on the market, Hugues, one of my first "père Fouettard" so that I can do more, Matéo can be the future successor of his father, Ram, Prem, Raju + than 3 Indian adoptive brothers, Mimi the billionaire by her heart and full of projects, Lulu my favourite neighbour and playboy on the photos, Sylvette who helps me to iron until 6am to do the photos afterwards, Sandrine is one of our best models, Anaïs and Héloïse are also very friendly models, Marie-Pierre the mother, Virginie who arrives with a full basket for the meeting but always leaves last to make sure that all the glasses are empty, Poupouille is a real pillar of confidence, Sandra who spent part of her holidays on our product sheets, Aurélie and her daughters always so present to pose and smiling, Sophie always the word for laughs, Vérocrevette a relentless model to pose for hours on end, Marion one of our first models like Aurélie Béné their darlings Myriam Karine Sonia Manouchka Émilie Lauryanne, Nelfe, Leila Claire Crystal, Stéphanie who forgot to sleep to help, Ganesh my favourite pirate, Farid the best confuser, Laurence one of the first admirers, Hervé one of the best photographers with Michel Pascal and... I forgot the 4th name, Félix and Lola who found me one of the first 10 resale points, Mimi who tells me a lot of things, Corentin and Guillaume my godchildren who spent their holidays with uncle with their heads in the boxes, one of whom managed to fall asleep on the toilet due to fatigue, Jean-Marc always listening and full of good advice like another Cedric and like another Jean Marc always ready to help, Rémi, Didier, Camille, Tania, Antoine le roi du Gathering, Julia, Franky and Estella, Yann, (sorry to those who are not mentioned and whom I may have forgotten? ??? AND ABOVE ALL RESELLERS who believe in the Pacap brand, AND ABOVE ALL two pioneering friends from the beginning of the PACAP adventure who left us before the opening of the online shop which is open 36 hours a day: Renaud and Robin AND ABOVE ALL, YOU, WHO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY READ ABOUT IT HERE and will perhaps become one of the pawns in the brand like the last ones I can't forget, because it's who the last ones are and even the first ones But SAFE, YOU, OUR CUSTOMERS AND CUSTOMERS. Love...


Bruno, director and creator of the story.