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Robe and Skirt for little girl

The dress, and the skirt, an indispensable child garment!

To have the femininity and sweetness of Mom, the girl's dress is a unique piece of fashion for children. Although it is a season-free garment, the success of which is repeated year after year, each season is renewed with the latest trends. For girls, it is an asset to dress in the last fashion in spite of its age. Our goal is to create modern and fresh children's clothing that meets the needs of girls of all ages without forgetting the comfort, the main feature of Pacap children's clothing.

We want you to have countless adventures and unforgettable moments with our clothes, whose design adapts to girls' leisure and preferences. We consider it important that every garment reflects the personality and dreams of girls, so that every garment is unique and special for every girl. In addition, our entire collection of girls' clothing is made from cotton, jeans, flax, velvet or viscose.

Thanks to the combination of different fabrics, we are trying to achieve astonishing and catchy results that give rise to vitality and joy. Most of our children's garments are made from natural fibres that make them soft and breathable. Cotton is the most used fiber because it takes care of the delicate skin of children.

We know that safety is not a game and that is why all our children's clothes are subject to strict controls that certify that each part and every finish is suitable for girls. Our goal is to ensure maximum comfort and to ensure the well-being of girls.

Our dresses for girls between 3 and 12 years old have many details that make all the difference. You
find models in a wide range of colors, with or without handles, with printed, flexible or adjusted to size ... Our dresses know no limits and are suitable for every occasion, outfits for everyday life. In addition, the Pacap Daughter Dress is convertible into a Skirt!

Coloured dress and skirt 4 to 14 years old

The dress corresponds well to the summer by its color, the length of the sleeves and the fabric used to make
so that the child will feel free from his movements and feel light!
The spring-summer season is filled with sleeveless children's dresses, with small and light, fresh and light sleeves,
perfect for warmer temperatures. Pastel colours such as sky blue, sand and
pastel pink gather in the spring and colour the most elegant and refined dresses as if it were
The summer colour festival, characterized by intense, sour and intense colours, takes shape in casual, holiday-inspired
clothing. Gay printouts are used mostly in August:
flower prints flood the fabric to the nearest centimetre, as do sea stripes. Vichy and tropical printouts have a place
The fabrics of spring-summer clothing adapt to every occasion and mark the style of the
clothes. The ceremonies involve cotton, muslin, jacquard, silk cotton veil, and
tulle, while the informal and bohemian models call on linen, cotton, viscose,
velvet and poplin.
In autumn-winter, you will find mainly velvet girls' skirts to cope with low temperatures. The
fabrics are enriched and the cotton velvet brings heat to cold days. The velvet and microfabric of
live their golden age in perfect clothing for the end of the year.
The color of the collection focuses on pure and intense colors that alternate with other
metal to give balance and brightness to the models. The shingles, blue, pink and green as well as the black
form the range of the autumn-winter collection. Scottish prints, cashmere, tile prints and
Prince of Wales prints give character to children's clothing.
Every season's trends are translated into girls' clothes. Application of nodes, original
printouts, folded skirts, brace sleeves or short sleeves, decorative trim and tulle layers
    With plumetis garnish will seduce you with their personality.
The more relaxed child models will surprise you with their optimism and vitality. You will find many
child models with joyful and colorful patterns. You will also find children's dresses with motifs and prints that invite you
have fun and dream of exotic places. The strass details and the versatility of the models are
the strengths of the girls' clothing.
The exclusive models, ideal for special occasions, are distinguished by their delicate details. The
dresses are based on unicolor or printed outfits and show dream patterns for girls with metal embroidery,
of skirts that give volume, flying, honeycomb details and trimmings ...

The perfect accessories for girls' dresses

Starting point of a look, the dress is a garment that has so much to give and that immediately becomes the heading. A child look at the top!

The cardigan and the dress form a perfect pair. One of its great advantages is that it is suitable for all
seasons: in spring and autumn, it protects young girls from changes in temperature; in winter it gives more heat under the mantle; and during summer ceremonies outside or in the
bathing areas, it cannot be forgotten because the thermometer tends to decrease by a few degrees during the day
. Choose a bolero for loose dresses or a classic cut with a central buttonhole for cintrated dresses.

Natural finishing stickers are another essential accessory to accompany the winter skirts!

As for footwear, children's dresses are accompanied by a wide range of models. For more casual looks, we choose sandals or swordfish. For a more elegant look, one opts for a metal-effect ballerina with applied. And for more sporty looks, you dare with boots and sports shoes, pure trend!

When you get to know our collection of girls' dresses from 2 to 14 years old, you will discover that it can fly your heart. Available on, we are confident that they will meet the highest
expectations. Follow us on social networks and stay informed of our news, they
will surprise.

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For children's dresses

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Adjustable-size clothing

For your child, the Pacap dress and skirt will accompany your daughter during her growth. The sizes are
adjustable from 4 to 14 years old! How to grow up with her clothes! The snap-belt in skirt and
elastic for skirt-transformable dress!

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