The origin of the brand



It was after a merry game of Pétanque with friends, soaked in the intoxicating atmosphere of our local Pastis under a Provençal pine tree, and accompanied by the gentle song of the cicadas, that the idea of creating a line of clothes with unique designs emerged.

From there, the challenge was to find a name for the brand that would reflect the spirit of the PACA region, with references to Pétanque, Pastis and the Provençal landscape.

This gave rise to the concept of capitalising on the capital "P" to not only create a palindrome, but also to take up this challenge. "Cap or Pacap?"

Birth of the brand

In 1991, on my first major year-long trip, I decided to set off to discover India. I was deeply enchanted by this continental country, and since then I've returned many times to immerse myself further in its cultures, unravel some of its mysteries and appreciate its incredible artistic wealth.

More than ten years ago, when my son was still a teenager, we decided to take a trip. We rolled the dice on a world map and fate guided us to India once again! It was an extraordinary trip, full of memorable encounters and memories that lit up our eyes.

As time went by and we travelled, a family of tailors from Rajasthan became like a second family to me. That's how I started selling our creations in the markets of France, in particular the famous PACAP REVERSIBLE SKIRT WITH ADJUSTABLE SIZE.

The exceptional quality and originality of the fabrics, the impeccable craftsmanship and finish, and the unique character of each piece have rapidly made PACAP a benchmark in the textiles sector.

Our philosophy

PACAP, a French brand of ethnic clothing based in Aubagne, has chosen to visit our partner workshops in India twice a year, for a number of reasons.

Our primary objective is to ensure that labour law is not flouted and that trade is not synonymous with exploitation. We also aim to make our artisan partners aware of environmentally-friendly production methods and to offer them optimal working conditions. In addition, a bonus is paid to the families at the end of each year.

We are also committed to offering consumers original products made by local artisans on site. We make it a point of honour to adjust our prices in order to guarantee a fair salary for our artisans, which is set on an annual basis. This enables them to avoid precarious employment and to provide for their families' health and education needs.

It's important to stress that all our PACAP collections arrive directly in France, without any intermediaries.

Our guarantee

We favour sectors with minimum orders to avoid duplication in your points of sale.
All sales made by our retailers are guaranteed, and we provide an efficient after-sales service.
If your customers encounter any problems after their purchase, they can contact us by e-mail or telephone.
We will direct them to another point of sale nearby.
If this is not possible, our offices will work with them to find the best solution to satisfy them.
A great way to close your sales more easily.

99% of customers who have bought PACAP products are satisfied with their purchases and often come back accompanied.

Where are we?

We are located in Aubagne, Provence (13400), France, in the charming commune of La Paix. More specifically, our premises are located on the Pagnol paths, offering a picturesque setting steeped in history. Nestling in the heart of the Mediterranean region, our address benefits from the mild Provencal climate and the cultural richness of this land of artistic inspiration.

My thanks

Many of you have followed us since the beginning of this adventure, whether at the markets, on Facebook, or by asking us to open an online shop: we are deeply grateful to you.

As director and creator of the brand, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to making our brand what it is today:

  • Emmanuelle, my dedicated assistant.
  • Guillaume, our developer from Normandy, as stubborn as I am.
  • Thomas, aka "roukin", who designed our logo.
  • Séb, our graphic designer, who rivals Thomas.
  • Pierre, always available at 3am.
  • Manue and Cat, my sisters from the Ardèche.
  • Céline, more than a sister, my clone.
  • Aïda, my promising young colleague.
  • Norbert, my right-hand man.
  • Nathalie, whom I won't say anything about to avoid being reprimanded.
  • Loulou, my mum, whose support and admiration are invaluable.
  • Hugues, one of my first mentors.
  • Matéo, perhaps tomorrow's successor.
  • Ram, Prem, Raju, my adopted Indian brothers.
  • Mimi, with her generous heart and many projects.
  • Lulu, my neighbour and accomplice.
  • Sandrine, Anaïs and Héloïse, our gracious role models.
  • Marie-Pierre, the mum.
  • Sylvette, tireless and precious.
  • Virginie, always there until the end of the gathering.
  • Poupouille, a pillar of trust.
  • Sandra, who spent her holidays working on our product sheets.
  • Aurélie and her daughters, always smiling.

  • Sophie, who always knows how to make us laugh.
  • Véro crevette, a tireless role model.
  • Marion, Aurélie, Béné, Myriam, Karine, Sonia, Manouchka, Émilie, Lauryanne, Nelfe, Leila, Claire, Crystal, Stéphanie, Ganesh, Farid, Laurence, Hervé, Félix, Lola, Mimi, Corentin, Guillaume, Jean-Marc, Cédric, Rémi, Didier, Camille, Tania, Antoine, Julia, Franky, Estella, Yann, and to all the others I may forget...

And above all, a huge thank you to all the retailers who believe in the PACAP brand.

I'd also like to pay tribute to two pioneering friends, Renaud and Robin, who passed away before we saw the opening of our online shop.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read this far. You are the heart of our company, our customers, and we are deeply grateful to you.

With all our love...


Director and creator of the story.

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