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What does lunch dress mean?

The Lunch dress is a dress that arrives at or slightly above the knee. It is the perfect between the long dress and the short dress. It is also called a midlong dress. Its advantage is that the midday dress can be worn in all circumstances: day and night.

Which half-long dress to choose?

A noon-to-pea dress, a noon-flowered dress, a daisy noon dress, a half-long dress dress, a halftone dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-length dress, a mid-length dress, a weissed midday dress, a mid-long shoulder dress, a bohemian dress, a half-long dress, a half-long dress, a dress midday dress, a dress midday dress, a dress midday dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, a mid-long dress, an African dress, midday dress, dress midday satin dress, mid-long dress, dress-up, mid-long asymmetrical dress, mid-long dress, mid-long dress, casual dress, casual dress, mid-long pencil dress, dress midday in lace, mid-night dress, night dress, dress collar Half-long, half-long, half-long dress, short long sleeve dress, long long sleeve dress, pastel midday dress, mid-long velvet dress ... Whether the mid-long dress is moulding or flared, it is absolutely all terrain.

How do I wear the dress for lunch?

What footwear with lunch dress?

You can decorate it with clicks and a bohemian style handbag, or with a belt, a pair of boots.

If you plan to get out of the party, and you intend to unveil a skirt mid-long romantic or sequins, take advantage of this to add your pair of snaps to your outfit. You will be a sensation!

You will always have an ultra-gun look with the midlong dress !

Which jacket with Mi-Longue dress?

For a stroll or a rink, opt for, for example, a flowered lunch dress and a jeans jacket that fits perfectly with your look.

For a little more rock look, the leather jacket is the lighthouse element to join with your dress lunch. A hat, rangers, and this is a chic and shocking style!

What coat with lunch dress? 

When it's cold, you want to stay feminine with the half-long dress. A midday dress of wool, or a dress lunch dress, for a given look, you choose a black, white or gray coat of the same length as your dress midi.

Print dress for which morphology?

To hide its beats, it is best to use a mid-long dress with discrete printed matter, banish horizontal lines and favour vertical stripes that lengthen the silhouette.

For a rectangle silhouette, avoid the dresses at the right-hand section. The midday dresses are trapezoid, or the lunch-and-heart dresses will delight you.

Our suggestions for women's dress according to the seasons

For the summer, you are advised to choose a white lunch dress, a red lunch dress, or a green lunch dress. These summer colours will marry very well with a sunny decor!

For the winter, it is true that a blue midday dress, or a black lunch dress would be based very well with this season.

Neutral or colorful shades, you are guaranteed, the woman dress lunch is a versatile piece that will cause sensation.

Rebuild your style and push the limits with our selection of long dresses that will make sure to turn heads! The mini is not made for you? Opt for a long female fluid dress, long dress folded, long dress with finish, long dress with or without sleeves, long dress, long-flowered dresses, long bohemian dress, long dress, long-flying dress, long dress nude dress, long-necked dress, ... perfect all seasons.

In the evening, choose a long, split-moulding dress or one of our long, ornate premium lace dresses.

In the day, we love the white dress in basic jersey with a pair of sneakers and a bomber for a casual and trendy look.

In the evening on the other hand, we like to aim high and we prefer a black maxi dress or a long window dress and a pair of skirmishes for a look that is sure to capture all eyes. No matter what your style-we must have the long dress that corresponds to you!

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