500 women's skirts, thick, unique pieces in all declinations of materials: velvet, leather, denim, suede, to wear with tights.

Velvet / Spring

Women's Velvet, Leather, Suede and Winter Skirt - PACAP

Winter / SpringSkirt

Be soft as velvet in PACAP's vintage-inspired velvet skirts. These thick, adorable button down skirts pair beautifully with your favorite PACAP tops.

Try a single color velvet skirt (red, black, blue, brown, green,...) for fall and winter. Velvet mini skirts are perfect for showing off unique tights that match your unique personality.

Every outfit is an opportunity to let your individuality shine, so why not treat yourself to something adorable?

With the PACAP velvet skirt, you can wear it any time of year. In the fall and winter you can wear a knit sweater, a pair of pumps and a leather jacket. Also known as a ribbed skirt, it is very comfortable to wear if you place it at knee length. It is usually worn with ankle boots, rangers or biker boots that will slightly raise your height and enhance your beauty. The sneakers are particularly recommended The long velvet skirt is worn perfectly in the evening by choosing plain pieces, velvet shoes and a bag made of the same material. You will find the ribbed skirt of your dreams in the PACAP catalog.

A ribbed skirt adjustable to your body type

Opt for a suede, milleraies or leather skirt if you have a V shape, a mini skirt if you have an H shape, wear them high waisted if you have a high body shape, as a tight skirt, pencil skirt, corolla skirt or trapeze skirt if you have an X or figure eight shape. A's with slender shoulders prefer wallets or flares, or wear our low-cut skirts. Find the ribbed skirt of your dreams.

Choose the PACAP Velvet Skirt

We bring a lot of benefits to our customers: exclusive offers, gifts and exclusive coupons, etc. You will be able to track your order and enjoy free delivery from 49 euros of purchase. You will have a secure payment system and a period of fifteen days to return or exchange an article that does not suit you. So don't hesitate and order your velvet skirt at PACAP.

Where to find velvet skirts for Fall/Winter ?

At PACAP of course! With more than a dozen different thick materials for 500 skirts to wear with tights you will have a lot of choice.

for the in-between fall/winter seasons and cold days, you don't always have to resort to denim pants - our women's velvet button down skirts edition is here to help you master the art of trans-seasonal dressing with our women's thick skirts that can be dressed up or down in so many different ways: Milleraies Skirt - Smooth Velvet Skirt - Embroidered Velvet Sk irt - Devoured Velvet Skirt - Silk Velvet Skirt - Embossed Velvet Sk irt - Ribbed Skirt - Velvet Suede Skirt - Flannel Skirt.

They fit (thanks to the integrated snap belt) on 6 sizes: 34, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46.

The Women's Fall/Winter clothing collection is 90 e unique button down skirts!

Collector's editions of the thick reversible velvet skirt are here and now!

A versatile wardrobe staple, the classic PACAP women's velvet skirt is a snap wrap skirt that works well in the colder months.

We offer the: winter plaid skirt - suede skirt - long winter skirt - mid-length winter skirt - wool skirt - gathered skirt - skater woman skirt - short velvet skirt - Irish skirt - khaki velvet skirt - satin skirt - tulip skirt - silk velvet skirt - black asymmetrical skirt - skirt bi material - shiny skirt - embroidered skirt - gold skirt woman - draped skirt - thick skirt - winter knee skirt - high skirt - quilted skirt - imitation leather skirt - suede skirt - sun skirt - straight skirt in velvet - skirt velvet effect - cord skirt woman - mini skirt, short skirt - knee-length skirt - mid-length skirt - long skirt to pair with patterned tights and western or walking boots.

However, if you're looking for something a little more trendy, opt for a leather midi fall skirt and cream knee-high boots. The faux leather midi silhouette is a favorite of recent months and pairs perfectly with oversized knits.

For something a little lighter, a thick women's skirt also works wonders in cold weather. In the perfect calf-length midi, choose bold colors and patterns to liven things up. You can pair it with knee-high boots and a cable knit cardigan for a nod to the ever-popular '70s trend.

From long skirts to miniskirts, we're here to show you that adjustable waist skirts are never just for summer. In a wide range of styles, colors (fuchsia pink skirt, green skirt, yellow skirt, orange skirt, emerald skirt, camel skirt, mustard skirt, gray skirt, gold skirt, cream skirt, silver skirt) and fabrics, with silhouettes to fit every shape, discover pieces you'll buy now and wear forever.

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