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Portfolio 2 in 1

JUPE WOMEN Adjusted reversible skate skirts there is a reversible skirt for each style. Elegant,...

Milleraies Velvet

Skirt Velvet Be gentle as a velvet in PACAP vintage velvet skirts. These thick, adorable button skirts combine...

Jean Blue or Black

Skirt in Jean Woman Inevitable and timeless stubbornness that crosses the years and is worn with everything, the...

Secret Pocket

Skirt Poches Woman New trend! It is worn with everything, reversible pocket skirt for Woman is the hype of the...

Cintrée and Nouer

Skirt trapezoid cotton and viscose. Model high and low size according to your need with cross-over, held by large...


The Ethnic Reversible Skirt for Woman

Women's skirt in the air of time, for a feminine fashion, fair, cheap, quality, with very colorful artistic creations.

The originality of the wallet skirt PACAP is marked by an identity imprint from each Asian country.

The 2en1 ethnic skirt is a way to get closer to the intercultural history of Nepal, Thailand, or India, or even Africa. When you are wearing a reversible skirt Pacap, you are also wearing " A World of Colours ".

The must-Have of female ethnic stubbornness at PACAP

On our Pacap shop you will find original clothes at the best price! With a wide choice of ethnic clothing for a bohemian, chic and hippie style with wallet dress, ethnic saroual, unique high sizes, wide pants or split pants, and the famous pressure button skirts.

Fair prices at mini prices, on many women's clothing adjustable from 34 to 46.

Buy ethnic skirt at the best price.

You want to buy a Reversible Cutback Skirt online? You're in the right place.

With the PACAP reversible ethnic skirt, in the colors of Asia, you have the choice of more than 500 motifs/prints of all possible styles (flower, geometric, ethnic, tile, graphic, bohemian, psychedelic, peas, stripes, unicolor, Japanese, wax, African, aborigine, tribal, ...), to guarantee all the wardrobe you dream of on

Our reversible collection disclaims women's skirt by playing the game of quality materials: skirt in leather, skirt velvet skirts, skirt in lain, skirt with raw jeans, skirt in mesh, skirt in viscose, cotton skirt, skirt in poplin, silk skirt... for easy, dressed or more casual looks. The heart of the season? The skirt was skater with a floral pattern. We also like the vintage skirt right waist adjustable, perfect in tailor mode for a current and elegant work dress, or the flexible leather trapeze skirt , for a chic rock look. Playing the classic hues or osting the trendy colors, the skirt will find places in all the fashion locker rooms to bring a surcharge of femininity in all seasons.

80 % of unique pieces to enter.

The reversible pressure skirtis mainly ofa single piece. Each reversible skirt is an assembly of combinations, handcrafted and teinted with natural dyes.

Discover the Prated Jupes and the Multi-Size reversible Jup.

Presented as asymmetrical skirt with one of the parts of the skirt that comes to close on the other side (on the front or on the side of the skirt) in the manner of a shirt, the vintage portfolio skirt reinvents, very easy to wear and easily. You can surprise your friends with single size skirt.

A skirt that transforms according to your cravings by passing through a flowered red skirt or a tribal printed skirt.

A timeless mode, which reveals all the culture of a color world.

We like to mix this print declination with a fluid white blouse and a small pair of skirmishes to take us into a chic and sophisticated style. In the evening, we do not hesitate to adopt a model tall size which is incidentally used with top pacap. On the shoes side, there is a pair of metal skirmishes or pegs. The lovers of the bohemian trend prefer it, they are short to associate without headtaking with nailed leather hooves and a capelin.

You select skater skirt, skirt skirt, wrinkled skirt, trapeze skirt, straight skirt woman or cigarette skirt printed, flying skirt, split skirt, pencil skirt ... on our site, you will be able to choose your ethnic skirt of your choice.

3 Skirt lengths of choice

There are different lengths of reversible wallets, short skirts say mini-skirts or skirts, skirts say skirts knees, middle skirt and mid-long skirt and long skirts say maxi skirt. You can wear all these lengths in high or low size to vary the cut: right or flared cut.

The real must-have in the female dressing room, she has seduced thanks to her less strict look than most of the existing cuts to show our legs in an elegant and original way. Hyper flatteuse, sexy but also very stylish, it will definitely put your pace in value and affine your silhouette, especially the colorful prints history to maximize its attractive capital.

True New York easy-chic style symbol

"Adopt the to claim an assumed femininity".

It is difficult to overlook the glamorous potential of our reversible skirts, with separate edges opening up our legs. It brings volume to the hips and feminizes the silhouette. We thaw the same way to refine our size while concealing coated thighs.
the skirt wallet shows itself to be a real chameleon of fashion.
Then we dare the reversible wallet for an ultra glam look. Choose a skirt cache PACAP and top in lace and your pair of favorite socks.

So cool! Colours and prints-we have everything you need.

So do we trust, we always have new wallet skirts to offer you every month and here we adapt to your moods, your desires and especially your styles!


It is certainly the detail that will mark you the most on our original skirts, Adjustable size. WOMEN adjustable skirts PACAP is resolved from 34 to 46 using the pressure buttons on the wide belt embedded in the reversible woman skirt.

The Multi-Size Skirt portfolio and reversible, the garment that never really gets out of hand

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