Which salopette to choose?

As with our summer dresses, there are several types of salopettes. If the salopette in jeans is the most common, there are also other materials and colors that change the best known models.

La salopette classique PACAP, la longue en denim, celle qui vient tout à l' esprit quand on parle de " Salopette " Is a must. As soon as the temperatures increase, the viscose salopette can be a nice alternative when it is really too hot, to wear in town or to the beach. A wide choice of printed matter is available in limited editions on the shop, unicolor patterns, flowers or graphics.

Wear the salopette: find its style

Knowing how to wear the salopette begins by knowing how to find its style. What look do you want to adopt? That is the question. In the day, you can, for example, opt for a white T-shirt + a pair of summer sandals. In the evening, on the other hand, you change the setting: fluid salopette + transparent black top transparent + pair of mules with heels.

Sometimes a simple mode detail can change. For example, you can choose a floral pattern or a patchwork or tie and dye model.

Associate a salopette with a sweatshirt and a pair of trendy sneakers and you get a streetwear/sportswear style. Carry it with a man's shirt and a pair of motardes for a more rock style. You can also drag a blouse embroidered under your salopette for a romantic spirit.

What look with a salopette?

Contrary to what one might believe, the salopette is worn as winter. With a rolled collar or a sweatshirt, with a leather jacket or woollen skin, with a pair of boots, the salopette is also a nice fashion piece for the cooler months.